As some of you may know, the Ilkley Business Forum is offering a chance to advertise in this central Ilkley location. We’re planning to replace the old advertising boards behind the ticket machines in the central car park with brand new advertising areas, which we’re making available to all Ilkley businesses, and at a cut rate to Ilkley Business Forum members.

The panels are 100cm wide by 160cm deep, and are available as full panel, half panel or quarter panel slots.

The fabrication of the replacement panels for the central ticket machine is underway, and we’re looking for advertisers from the Ilkley Business Community to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get their business message out there.

Prices are:

Full panel
Members: £500
Non-members: £600
Half panel
Members: £300
Non-members: £400
Quarter panel
Members: £175
Non-members: £300

Please email to register your interest. Once we have a good idea of the demand, we’ll be be able to allocate advertising spaces fairly.