Real Food Ilkley

Real Food Ilkley
Real Food Ilkley
Trading at South Hawksworth Street Ilkley LS29 9DX, First Sunday in the Month.
Paula Connor
This monthly market is held on the first Sunday of every month, March to December 10.30am to 3pm on South Hawksworth Street.

Our aims are to:

1. Organise Fine Food & Local Produce Market in Ilkley to celebrate the rich variety of locally produced food and drink.
2. Promote local economic growth by providing a regular opportunity for local producers and sellers to showcase specialist local and seasonal food.
3. Facilitate local community groups to raise awareness, engage with the community and promote volunteering.
4. Create a positive impact on the environment by providing traditional, natural food that is grown or made locally to reduce food miles.
Real Food Ilkley is unable to provide any offers as we are the ‘umbrella’ for around 16 micro-businesses (stallholders), however, we would be happy to work with any local business (where appropriate) to assist in promoting their business through sponsorship, presentations and food or drink demonstrations at one of our events.