James Hall Coaching

Email:  james@james-hall-coaching.co.uk 

Website: https://www.jameshallcoaching.co.uk

Tel: 01943 3871222 

Mobile:  07495 341744

I provide coaching, mentoring and accountability support to business owners and leaders in business who want to make a positive change now, but

  • are struggling to find the time to set themselves a goal, make a plan or take action to make it happen
  • doesn’t have anyone to talk their thoughts or ideas through with so nothing happens
  • keeps putting things off, so the fear of taking action stops them taking action
  • knows having someone to hold them accountable will help them to take action

I have over 20 years of FTSE 100 management experience, 10 years’ coaching experience and have worked with business managers, company directors and business owners based in the UK, Europe and The UAE helping them achieve success.

If you want to make that change happen there is no time like the present to take action. Get in touch for a free initial chat and let’s start to create your tomorrow today.