MindYerWealth Ltd

Email: chrishenry@actioncoach.com

Website: https://actioncoach.co.uk/coaches/chris-henry/ – https://www.wealthbuilders.co.uk/


Mobile: 07785 530074

High Performance Business & Wealth Coaching
We grow people to grow assets (Including Businesses) which put money into their families bank account whilst they are asleep. We run two businesses, one of which teaches the art of business- MindYerBusiness, and the other teaches the science of wealth- MindYerWealth
• We are all encouraged to take lessons to learn how to drive a car, but how many of us take lessons to learn how to drive a business?
• Finance and wealth are not on a central part of the school curriculum, MindYerWealth teaches you how to create asset income rather than earned (swapping time for money) income.
We use established comprehensive frameworks… The Action Coach 6 Steps System and the WealthBuilders 7 Pillars of Wealth process.